Thursday, September 23, 2010

Planning, Planning, Planning

The first puppyraiser meeting is on the horizon. We've got names: Valor, Honor, Glory, Noble, Anthem, Courage, Freedom and Liberty. One of the little girls will be Valor. The yellow boy and one black dog will go to two puppyraisers in Newton (an adult brother and sister who want to be able to tell them apart!) One black puppy will be raised in recognition of Pixel, a service dog that was pulled from our program early for medical reasons.

It is just around the corner. I'll get the newbies on a Monday afternoon and they will go to the vet the next morning. They will be making their first appearance at Camp Dodge on October 13th, where they will be greeting people during a presentation about the benefits of placing service dogs with military veterans. They will also be integral in making sure that we warmly welcome the crew coming in from New York to film a few PSAs at Camp Dodge and JFHQ. Then, after everything quiets down, each dog will go to its raiser.

Since it is always good to have goals, I hope to have each puppy sitting, spinning, backing up and lying down before it reaches the hearts and homes of our puppyraisers. Six days....I can do it!